Air transportation of the deceased

Transportation of the deceased by plane is the fastest way to deliver the remains to the right place. Prompt actions of employees of our company allow to deliver mortal remains without involving of relatives. Participation of relatives in this process is minimized.

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Of course, you can take care of delivery the body independently, but it’s unlikely to be done in a short period of time, and you don’t yet know how much nerves and money you will have to spend. The fact is that transportation of the deceased by air requires the execution of many documents, such as:

  • death certificate;
  • certificate on admission to transport from the sanitary authorities
  • availability of reservation for transportation the body
  • certificate of quality sealing of the container
  • a document about the absence of any foreign objects inside the casket
  • a permission letter from the airline about transportation


Meeting of deceased



Shipping of deceased


At that, the documents are executed in different organizations depending on the place of death. Some are executed in the Russian consulate in the territory of a foreign country, others in a medical institution. Do not forget to find the suitable transport and service personnel. It will be very difficult to do it if you are on the other end of the Earth or just far away. Especially, considering that that all countries live by their own laws, and the casket must cross more than one border! To call a specialist of our company, please call at: +7(925)116-20-44.

Assistance in air transportation from the company «Ritual»

A company that carries out transportation of the deceased abroad or to another city, takes full responsibility for execution of permitting documents and delivery of mortal remains intact. Our specialists prepare all necessary documents before sending the body to the homeland, resolve the issues with customs and regulatory authorities, and also carry out certain actions to secure the body of the deceased. After all, the human body begins to decompose rapidly from the moment of death, especially in the heat. Highly specialized workers of the mortuary work on the deceased, embalming the body.

Our company provides hermetic sealing of the casket in a specially prepared zinc container. Because the transportation of deceased by air is carried out exclusively in this way.

The company also provides purpose-built vehicle for transportation of mortal remains to the plane, and then takes care of its unloading at the point of destination.

How much does the service cost

The price of transportation of mortal remains from the airport depends on the purpose of the plane. To ship mortal remains you can use a special flight or transport it in the compartment of a passenger plane.

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