Shipping of mortal remains by plane

Specialists of our company in a short time will:

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  • collect the necessary documents.

Execution of air transportation of mortal remains is carried out by our agents in a timely manner, with great attention. Our staff receives a death certificate, an official certificate from the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service indicating that the transportation of the deceased from the airport has no obstacles, a certificate about the absence of any foreign objects inside the casket. Such document will also confirm the quality of sealing of the casket.

  • Book a place for mortal remains in the cargo compartment of the plane.

Also, at the request of the airline, the specialists of our company will provide the data of the persons accompanying the casket with the body of the deceased. They will fly in the passenger cabin on pre-purchased tickets. The data of each person accompanying mortal remains must be indicated in the transport declaration. It contains contact information about the responsible persons.

  • Carry out the control of transportation of mortal remains

Our specialists will carefully trace the transportation, further shipment  and delivery of the zinc casket with the body of the deceased person.

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