Repatriation of deceased to Hungary

Flag Hungary Our service specializes in repatriation of deceased. Specialists of our service will help you to choose transport for delivery of the deceased to anywhere in the world, depending on the distance, time frame and personal wishes, correctly and on time will execute all the necessary documents.

Repatriation of deceased to Hungary by plane

Transportation of the deceased by plane – it’s the fastest way of repatriation of deceased to Hungary.

The generally accepted rule of transportation of the deceased by airplane is the presence of a coffin with a zinc liner (zinc coffin).

Documents for repatriation by airplane:

  • Death certificate,
  • Certificate of permission for transportation of deceased from Sanitary & Epidemiological Service,
  • Certificate of the absence of foreign objects in the coffin (issued by the service that organized repatriation),
  • Certificate certifying the quality of the zinc box sealing;
  • Certificate of embalming, issued by the morgue.

The entire package of documents must be apostilled, translated into the language of the country of destination and notarized.

For consultation on repatriation of deceased please call: 8 (495) 784-11-33

Cost of repatriation from Russia to Hungary

The cost of transporting the body of a deceased person to Russia depends on many factors:

  • the circumstance of death,
  • remoteness of the location of the deceased person from the airport of departure,
  • load weight 200,
  • destination,
  • airlines,
  • the cost of preparing the body (embalming),
  • the cost of ritual supplies.

Our specialists will help you to determine the best way of transportation of deceased and will answer all your questions 24/7. To call a specialist in ritual services call 8 (495) 784-11-33

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