Meeting of decease from Slovenia

Флаг Specialists of our service will fully assume all the responsibilities for organizing a meeting of mortal remains from Slovenia. at the airport of the final destination. We will undertake the organization of transportation of the arrived mortal remains to the morgue and the further process of burial / cremation with the provision of ritual supplies.

Meeting of mortal remains in the airport

To meet the mortal remains at the airport of Russia, the following documents are needed:

  • Death certificate
  • Certificate of absence of foreign objects in the coffin.
  • Certificate of permission for transportation of mortal remains.
  • Consignee's passport.

The entire package of documents must be apostilled, translated into Russian and certified by a notary or consulate.

Arriving at the airport to receive the arrived mortal remains is necessary 4-5 hours after the boarding of the flight. The coffin is issued at the cargo terminal of the airport.

Upon arrival in Russia, the transportation container is dismantled and the body of the deceased is transferred to a traditional coffin for further burial or cremation.

Our specialized service provides transit services of the mortal remains through Moscow and St. Petersburg.

We will help you with any issues related to the meeting of mortal remains from Slovenia. (accommodation in the morgue, preparation of the place in the cemetery, transportation of the coffin to the morgue or to the farewell place (cemetery / crematorium), organization of the burial / cremation ceremony). To arrange a meeting of mortal remains call 8 (495) 784-11-33

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