Transportation of the deceased abroad / from abroad

Very often, the need to transport a body from a foreign country and the execution  of documents is exacerbated by a language barrier and ignorance of the rules and laws of another state, this can cause panic in people.

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First of all, it is necessary to state what happened in the local bodies (hospital, police station, hotel manager, insurance company, etc.). In order not to get confused in this situation, it is better to apply to a professional company that provides services for transportation of «cargo 200».

Procedure for placing and registration the deceased

This procedure consists of the following steps:

  • the doctor pronounces the fact of death;
  • all circumstances of death are described;
  • the body of the deceased is sent to the mortuary for examination in order to establish the cause of death;
  • after examination is performed the death certificate is issued.

Transportation of the body of the deceased

For delivery of «cargo 200» abroad / from abroad, our service sends a casket from the airport by regular flight. In this case, the casket is delivered to the plane no later than 6 hours before departure. The zinc casket is placed in the cargo compartment. This is a very convenient way when you need to deliver «cargo 200» quickly or there is no other way to transport the body.

It is possible to transport the body of the deceased by rail. The disadvantages of this option are that the train must have a special freight car, and  it is necessary to warn the relevant services about this in advance, there are also delays in the delivery terms.

The most economical and convenient option is transportation by motor vehicle. In this case there is no time-binding, the vehicles are equipped with special refrigeration equipment for this type of service and have a comfortable interior for accompanying persons.

In some cases, sea transport is used.

To deliver «cargo 200» to the place of sending, a hearse is used.

International requirements for transportation of «cargo 200»

Temperature difference, high humidity, turbulence on the road can adversely affect the body of the deceased, which can become dangerous for other passengers. Therefore, there are a number of requirements for the transportation of a deceased person from abroad and the necessary package of documents.

  1. The body of the deceased must undergo the process of embalming, this service is rendered in the mortuary. After the procedure, the accompanying person is given a certificate of embalming, which is necessary for further transportation and Sanitary Epidemiological Service (SES).
  2. «Cargo 200» must be placed in a container with a zinc insertion. Sealing of the container is carried out, and relatives receive a certificate about the absence of any foreign objects inside the casket.
  3. Travel documents must be issued for cargo and accompanying persons.
  4. The execution of a permit from the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service is required to send the body of the deceased person to another country.
  5. All references must be translated into the language of the sending country and certified with the stamp «Apostille», so that the documents are legal in the receiving country.

Assistance in repatriation from the service «Ritual»

Our service specializes in transportation of «cargo 200». The staff of our organization will help to choose the transport for delivery of the body of the deceased to any point of the world, depending on the distance, time frames and personal wishes, and execute all the necessary documents correctly and on time. To get a free consultation on repatriation, call at: +7(925)116-20-44

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