Repatriation of the deceased

Transportation of the deceased entails the fulfillment of certain procedures — the choice of transport, the execution of the package of documents and their legalization. Here there are many nuances and questions, how to do everything correctly and legally.

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Repatriation of remains


Body repatriation


Procedure of repatriation of the deceased

Transportation of the body of the deceased is carried out in several stages:

  1. Embalming of the deceased. Taking into account the fact that the delivery of mortal remains can take a long time, it is necessary to carry out the embalming procedure of the body in the mortuary. After that, a special certificate is issued, which is necessary for the sanitary-epidemiological and transport services.
  2. Order of zinc casket. To deliver the deceased to the place of destination, it is necessary to order a zinc casket or a container with a zinc insertion followed by sealing. The staff of our company undertakes to issue the appropriate document about sealing.
  3. Collection of necessary documents (a death certificate from the civil registry office, a certificate about the absence of any foreign objects inside the casket, certificate of embalming, certificate from the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service).

Types of transport for repatriation

Delivery of the deceased is performed by air, by road, by rail, by sea or by river transport. At this, the flight will be the most expensive and fastest way, and the delivery by bus is longer and cheaper. In some cases, one or more accompanying persons should be present with the mortal remains. The casket is delivered to the place of departure in a hearse. Air waybills for transportation of deceased must be booked in advance at the current tariffs of the company that performing transportation by phone +7 (925) 116-20-44

Assistance in repatriation from the service «Ritual»

Our company specializes in the transportation of mortal remains. The staff of our company will assist to choose the transport for delivery of the deceased to any point of the world, depending on the distance, time frames and personal wishes, and execute all the necessary documents correctly and on time.

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