Transportation of the deceased by train

Regrettably, sometimes a person has to go through the unexpected death of a loved one. If the tragedy happens abroad, or because of other circumstances, there is a need to transport the body of the deceased from one country to another, people often are at a loss about what they need to do. In this case, they are advised to apply to our funeral home for transportation of deceased.

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Before transportation the body of the deceased is embalmed to ensure its full safety. Then it should be placed in a special sealed zinc box. To ensure correct execution, all manipulations should be carried out by specialists of the funeral home.

Features of rail transportation

Transportation of mortal remains by train is allowed only in a freight or mail car.

Transportation by rail is carried out at any distance, however, when choosing a train, it is necessary to take into account the availability of mail and freight cars, as well as the time spent on the way so that transportation is not delayed. The body must be transported in a hearse from the place of storage of the body of the deceased to the station of departure, as well as from the station of arrival to the planned place of burial. Our company takes care of all of the above formalities and organizational issues.

What documentation is needed

It is necessary to collect a complete package of required documents in order to transport mortal remains smoothly and without delays. Our specialists will assist you to properly execute and prepare all the documentation. This includes:

  • original stamped death certificate;
  • a special permit from the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing to export the body;
  • a certificate certifying the quality of the zinc box sealing;
  • tickets for each of the accompanying persons.

Cost of service

Mortal remains is transported by train at a cost appointed in accordance with the tariffs of the carrier company, taking into account the distance and travel time. You can find out from our specialists the exact cost of transportation, taking into account the primary processing of the body of the deceased, the execution of documents and all the road formalities. To call a specialist of our company, please call at: +7(925)116-20-44.

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