Consultation of a specialist

Timely, competent consultation, which is provided by our specialists, is of great importance in the funeral process.

To get a free consultation on ritual question, call at:

Our specialists are ready to provide you with the necessary information on the most important issues:

  • what actions need to be taken if a person  dies;
  • how to collect the required documentation for burial as quick as possible;
  • how to choose ritual accessories, depending on religion and traditions;
  • where they provide a place in the cemetery;
  • what is the cost of cremation;
  • Features of the conduct of religious ceremonies;
  • Organization of a funeral feast.

Highly qualified specialists are well versed in the specifics of the funeral business, which allows them not only to answer people’s questions competently, but also to provide them with psychological support.

At such moments, people often look confused with grief, so our specialists answer all the questions in the most concise and understandable manner. Also, they are ready to answer any questions related to the provision of benefits — they are always aware of any changes in legislation relating to this segment.

A ritual agent can come at the address indicated by you, for a professional organization of funeral — this is a free service.

The staff of our funeral home is well versed in the ceremonial culture. This allows them to give professional advice on the behavior of relatives at the time of the funeral service and other ceremonies.

Also, they are ready to help with the organization of the memorial meal, to indicate the correct order of serving dishes, to tell what drinks to use at a funeral feast. To call a specialist in funeral services, call at: 8 (495) 784-11-33

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