At present, the procedure of burial by burning of the body is in heavy demand, rather than the traditional burial. Cremation usually occurs in the following way: the body of the deceased person is burnt in a special furnace, which is located in a special room — a crematorium. Then, the cremated remains are placed in an urn and buried in the ground or placed in the columbarium.

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There are open columbariums — urns with the remains in the street, and also closed ones — whole burial structures.

The cost of cremation in Moscow

Cremation costs 4,300 rubles for adults, for children and teenagers — 150 rubles.

Documents required for burial registration

  • passport of the person responsible for the cremation;
  • death certificate;
  • Receipt or contract for the execution of funeral services.

Important! A person whose identity was indicated in all the documents on the procedure has the right to receive the urn with the remains. Usually the remains are placed into the urn in one or two days after cremation. The first forty days the remains can be stored in the crematorium absolutely free of charge, and there should be an additional payment of 10 rubles / day for each consecutive day. The maximum time that an urn can hold in a crematorium is one year. After that, the remains are buried in an unnamed grave in the cemetery.

If you want to bury an urn in a different city, you need to present such documents as:

  •  the passport of the person responsible for the cremation;
  • death certificate;
  • 2 certificates of cremation;
  • application indicating the place of burial.

There are special plots of land specialized for burial of urns with remains, and sections of open columbariums in some cemeteries in Moscow and the Moscow region. In some cases, the so-called false cremation is performed, where you can say goodbye to the deceased in the memorial hall, not having accompanied the remains to the crematorium. Our service is ready to assist in the organization of false cremation. To call a specialist of our service, please call at: +7(925)116-20-44.

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