Funeral organization

We are ready to provide professional organization of funerals throughout Russia. Many years of experience, correct and executive attitude to the duties and knowledge of traditions corresponding to the deceased’s religion, as well as a large partner network will make them worthy.

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Ritual accessories for funerals

Everything starts with the purchase of the necessary ritual accessories. And this is a casket, wreaths, veils, a tombstone and a number of small but necessary additional things. We will help you find everything you need, taking into account the age, religion and individual requests and preferences of the relatives and close friends of the deceased.

The relatives want to choose the best from the offered, for the sake of perpetuating the memory of the deceased. By this they can show him their love and sorrow for the bereavement. We will help you to find everything you need in accordance with the social status of the deceased.

Preparation of the deceased to the farewell ceremony

It is very difficult to do everything necessary without proper professional training. We will professionally create an image of a sleeping person for the deceased.

This means that we will embalm, hide the postmortem changes on the skin, carry out the required sanitary and cosmetic processing of the deceased’s appearance, which will allow to maintain the proper appearance of the body throughout the ceremony, regardless of weather and season. All this will allow to say goodbye to the deceased without any fears and worries for your health.

Transportation of the deceased

In this case, it is preferable to order a hearse specially equipped to transport the casket with the body. They are different, so when choosing you should take into account the distance of transportation, the number of accompanying people and the level of organization of the funeral procession. We can offer:

  • a small hearse with a capacity of 3-8 people,
  • bigger hearse — 25 people,
  • transport with air conditioning and high-comfort seats — 16 seats,
  • specially equipped luxury limousine.

You can order a separate transport for a larger number of accompanying people by request.

Civil and religious ceremony of farewell

The civil ceremony is ordered at the funerals of famous people. The variety of farewell honors is determined by the requirements of the organization’s etiquette, where the deceased worked or was maximally involved.

Religious ceremony is performed depending on the religion. There are cases when it is impossible to conduct a religious ceremony onsite, then all ceremonies are performed in absentia.

Burial and cremation

The burial is performed on the plot of a cemetery allocated by municipal authorities or in a related grave.

Cremation or burning of the body of the deceased occurs in crematoria specially designated for this purpose. The human remains left after burning are collected in an individual capsule and transferred to an urn that is stored in the crematorium until the date of burial or solemn transfer to the columbarium. To call a specialist of company, please call at:  +7(925)116-20-44.


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